Arielle Tepper Madover

The Tepper Semester is named for its founder, Arielle Tepper Madover who also established the Tepper Center for Careers in Theater.

Information for Parents

To assist parents of prospective students, we have created a special For Parents page to address their questions and concerns about the program, New York City, and student life. Also, we recommend that parents review the Frequent Asked Questions page as well.

I can say with absolute resolve that my college experience would have been incomplete without this semester. My life as an actor, living in New York is filled with more confidence. I feel I can compete fiercely in this world of theater thanks to every single part of my Tepper experience.”
Alex Liebman, 2007

Program Overview

The Tepper Semester - a unique residency program from Syracuse University's Department of Drama - takes full advantage of New York City's rich cultural community and offers undergraduate students in advanced levels of acting, musical theater, design, and stage management the opportunity to immerse themselves in a rigorous artistic training program.

New York City Drama Experience

As a student in the Tepper Semester, you work closely with an accomplished faculty of professional artists who nurture your creative, intellectual, and personal growth. The program also guides you in understanding the business of the industry, which is essential for a rewarding and successful career in the performing arts. As an immersion experience, the professional preparatory semester creates the base of a national arts network for emerging young artists.

Residency in New York City is an integral part of the Tepper Semester. Students live and study in the heart of New York's theater district and attend studio classes on Theatre Row. The program also takes advantage of the vast cultural and educational resources the city has to offer. Students learn from exposure to a broad spectrum of world-class theaters, museums, libraries, and numerous entertainment venues so vital to artistic training.

We look forward to seeing you in New York City.

Program Calendar

The Spring 2015 Tepper Semester Calendar includes the following important dates:

Event Date
Registration for Spring Semester January 11 (Sun)
First Day of Classes January 12 (Mon)
Martin Luther King Day
(No classes/SU offices closed)
January 19 (Mon)
Mid-Term March 3 (Tue)
Spring Break
(No classes/SU offices open)
March 8 (Sun) - March 15 (Sun)
Last Day of Classes April 28 (Tue)
Commencement Weekend May 9 (Sat) - May 10 (Sun)