Taking part in the Tepper semester was the smartest step I have taken in my career as a performer so far. Not only was it a way to ease into the city, but it was also a way to learn how to use the resources that are available to us in the artistic community.”
Jessie Novotny, 2006

Program Financial Aid

During the planning and organizing of your trip, you may find that you need assistance financing your NYC program fee. Please read the information below to determine what programs are available to you and how to begin the application process.

Non-Syracuse Students

If you are matriculated at another university or college, you should contact the Financial Aid Office at your home school to discuss financing your New York City trip. In addition, all students from other universities will be eligible for Tepper Grants.

Syracuse University Students

As an SU student, additional financial aid may be available to cover the cost of program fee, meals, and housing with a student, parent, or alternative loan. You may apply for this additional funding once you have registered for the NYC course and the College of Visual and Performing Arts informs our office of your attendance in the program.

What financial aid do you already have? If you are already a financial aid recipient, you should check your financial aid award notice (FAN) to determine if you are already receiving the maximum allowable Federal Stafford Loan of $5,500 for the year, or $2,750 for the semester. If not, you may use the difference toward financing your NYC program. The current Federal Stafford Loan interest rate is 6.8% for the 2006-07 year.

Your parent may apply for a Federal Parent PLUS Loan to cover your program fee. The current Federal Parent PLUS Loan interest rate is 8.5% for the 07-08 year. Your parent borrower will be required to pass a basic credit check. Generally, borrowers without credit blemishes, such as the examples listed below, are deemed creditworthy.

  • 90 days or more delinquent on repayment of any debt
  • debt discharged in bankruptcy during the past 5 years
  • default, foreclosure, tax lien, repossession, wage garnishment, or write-off of debt during the past 5 years

Parents must also meet general financial aid standards, such as meeting citizenship requirements and not owing a refund to any Federal Aid programs. For more information on the Stafford, PLUS and alternative loan programs please visit http://www.syr.edu/financialaid/loans/.

Contact your Financial Aid representative at (315) 443-1045 for further details.