The Tepper Semester changed the way I view theatre, the entertainment industry, and the city of New York all for the better. I now have the confidence, drive and 'know how' to take charge of my career and my life!”
Brittany Anne Oman, 2008

Program For Parents

As parents of students attending the Tepper Semester program in New York City, we welcome you to participate in this expansive experience. Every year as a part of the program we invite our students' parents and families to join us for the Tepper Semester Welcome Weekend. Also, at the end of the semester parents are invited back for The Tepper Semester Presentation/Celebration, which takes place during the final weekend of the program.

Parent/Student Events

The weekend begins with students moving into the Equity Residential properties or their chosen residence. Following the move-in day we have a reception to give everyone the opportunity to get to know one another and celebrate the beginning of the semester experience. The following day, there is a student orientation and parent tour of the Theatre Row facilities and a light brunch.

At the end of the semester, there is the Tepper Semester Presentation/Celebration Event. The presentation is held at a theater on Theater Row. After the performance, there will be a celebration reception at Lubin House.

Please refer to the program calendar for specific dates of these events.

A Nurturing Environment

Living and studying in the heart of New York City offers these young artists an unparalleled experience. While Manhattan remains the heart of this industry, it has also become one of the country's safest cities. Our students live and work in a welcoming, nurturing secure environment.

Getting Around the City

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Bus, Rail, and Airport Information

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